Strikethrough Text in BBCode

Strikethrough text in BB Code can be done via [s] tag. Sometimes, strikethrough text is also called as line through, strike out text or crossed out text.

Formatting text is important part when writing online. It makes your content more approachable, easy to convey and read. Now, people are more attracted to clarity, formatting text will make your text clear. For more information about BB Code formatting, please check here.

 What is Strikethrough Test?

Strikethrough (or) Strikeout is denoted by words with horizontal line running through their center. According Wikipedia, strikethrough text denotes that the test is wrong and recently deleted or just marked such.

Strikethrough Text in BBCode:

For Example: when you type [s]I Love My Country[/s] and the words appear as I Love My Country

You can also make use of our Strikethrough Text Generator to create strikeout text and just copy paste in desired forums.

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