How to add Strikethrough Text in Excel

Strikethrough text in Excel – in this article, we are going to explore different options to add, use and remove strikethrough format in Microsoft Excel in windows, Mac and excel online version.

Microsoft Excel is best for manipulating large number of data, but it does not make clear how to format text values. Strikethrough text is an idea example.  Looking to add strikethrough text in excel, follow these simple steps.

Strikethrough in Excel – Format Option:

Best option to add strikethrough test in excel is via cell format option. Learn how to add format option.

  • Select one of more cells on which you want to apply strikethrough text format.
  • Press CTRL+1 or right click on the selected cells
  • Select format cells from the content menu
  • In the dialog box, choose Font Tab and tick off strikethrough text option under the Effects.
  • Click OK to save the changes
  • Then, Close the Dialog Box

Strikethrough in Excel: Keyboard Shortcut

Want to make strikethrough text in excel lot easier? Then, make use of hotkey or key combinations.

Keyword shortcut to add strikethrough text in Excel is CTRL +5

  • To apply the strikethrough format, click one or more cells
  • Press CTRL + 5 option to add strikethrough text
  • To remove strikethrough, select the cells and hit CTRL + 5.

 Strikethrough Text in Excel: Quick Access Toolbar

If you believe above mentioned method require more steps, you can make use of Quick Access Tool bar to add strikethrough text in excel with ease.

  • Click on the small arrow button at the top Excel Window
  • Under Choose Command Form, select Commands Not in the Ribbon
  • Then, select Strikethrough in the list of commands, and click the Add button. 
  • Click Ok, now you can see Strikethrough shortcut at the Top.

Strikethrough Text in Excel: Using Macro

If you are familiar with VBA in your excel worksheets, you can make use of below mentioned strikethrough VBA code.

Sub ApplyStrikethrough()
Selection.Font.Strikethrough = True
End Sub

By following above mentioned steps, you can add strikethrough text easily. You can also make use of our strikethrough text generator to add strikethrough format in your excel.

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